Why Cleaning Your Tongue Is Important for Your Health

28 August 2019
28 August 2019, Comments: 0

The health of your mouth can impact on the overall health of your body. Cleaning your tongue should be a part of your oral care routine, as the majority of microbes in the mouth can be found on the tongue.

Key takeaways:

–   A healthy mouth helps with a healthy digestive tract, which houses 80% of our immune system.

–   When the tongue is not cleaned regularly it allows the bacteria which affects the digestive tract to thrive.

–   You can clean your tongue with a metal spoon, bowl facing down, gently scraping from back to front three to four times.

“You see, we swallow a lot of oral microbes every day with our saliva. If the mouth is healthy and has a balanced oral flora, bathing the digestive tract with saliva definitely supports our overall health.”

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