Which is Best? Water Flossing or String Flossing?

31 January 2019
31 January 2019, Comments: 0

Your dentist recommends that you brush your teeth twice daily and floss once a day. You have the choice of regular flossing with a string or water flossing. Which is best?

– Water flossing works with a stream of water delivered by a small electrical device
– Dental floss is more available and accessible
– If you have braces on your teeth, water flossing is more effective
– Water flossing is gentler on the gums
– Regular flossing is better at removing stubborn plaque

Flossing is essential so whatever type of floss will make you more likely to floss is the type of floss for you.”
More information available in this article: https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/water-floss/

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