Which Dental Diseases May Be Hereditary?

1 February 2019
1 February 2019, Comments: 0

Research points to genetics being a factor in certain dental diseases. While a good oral health routine, including regular dentist visits, is vital in helping prevent dental disease, there may be some conditions you have inherited.
Key takeaways:

– If there is a history of gum disease with one of your parents, you are more likely to be affected by the disease.
– A history of oral cancer in the family means it is possible you have the genes which make you more susceptible.
– The enamel on your teeth may have genetic defects, leading to tooth decay and cavities.

When tooth enamel is beginning to wear away, you may notice a whiter spot on your teeth or eventually a yellowish hue where the enamel has actually worn away to expose dentin, the layer underneath enamel.
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