What Causes Dental Abscesses and How Are They Treated?

14 November 2018
14 November 2018, Comments: 0

A dental abscess is a painful bag of pus that can form in the gum or teeth:

– Abscesses are caused by a bacterial infection.

– Treatment depends on how severe the infection is – the dentist will attempt to drain the abscess and may need to perform a root canal filling or even a tooth extraction.

– Dental abscesses should be treated immediately.

“Whether the infection originally began in your tooth or in the gum tissue, your dentist can help to drain and treat the abscess to provide you with relief and get your smile healthy again!”


Read the full story here: https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/what-is-a-dental-abscess-and-how-is-it-treated/


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