dentalhealth | Ripley Dental Practice - Part 7

12 November 2018

Teeth Grinding and Jaw Ache

12 November 2018, Comments: 0

When waking up with a stiff or sore jaw is an everyday occurrence, you must talk to a dentist about it. In many cases […]

3 November 2018

Oral Health and Antibiotics

3 November 2018, Comments: 0

The body produces both good and bad bacteria. Taking antibiotics too frequently can kill the “good” bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to […]

31 October 2018

Proper Dental Care Combats Receding Gums

31 October 2018, Comments: 0

Receding gums are often a result of periodontal or gum disease and the best way of avoiding periodontal disease is to follow a good […]

27 October 2018

The Causes of Jaw Tightness

27 October 2018, Comments: 0

The jaw is a complex joint and jaw tightness can range from mildly uncomfortable to very painful and can affect the whole area around […]

24 October 2018

Benefits of An Implant-Supported Bridge

24 October 2018, Comments: 0

An implant-supported bridge is a type of restorative dentistry that provides a permanent solution for a row of missing teeth: – An implant-supported bridge […]