10 April 2019
10 April 2019, Comments: 0

According to the adage “prevention is better than cure” and, similarly, early treatment by a dentist can prevent dental problems in later life.

Many dental issues that appear in the teenage years and later can be prevented or largely avoided if steps are taken at an early age. Orthodontic treatment from age six or seven, when the first permanent teeth appear, can prevent problems like:

–  Overbites

–  Crowded teeth

–  Misaligned teeth

While the jawbone and teeth are still developing is the best time for a dentist to “determine what orthodontic treatment” may be required and thus avoid any minor issues becoming serious problems. Read more about the benefits of early dental treatment at https://www.colgate.com/en-ph/oral-health/cosmetic-dentistry/early-orthodontics/early-orthodontics-may-mean-less-treatment-later.


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