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Dental Implants in Ripley

Are you fed up with loose fitting dentures that move around and fall out at the worst moment? 

Are you also embarrassed to smile because of missing, and wobbly teeth?

If you have answered “yes” to either of the above questions then we can help. Here’s how… Dental implants are the closest replacements we have for teeth. They are fixed into the mouth like our teeth to help chew. Ripley Dental have the solution to your problems with Dental Implants. Helping you to restore your smile and boost your self confidence.

Dental implants are a realistic replacement for missing teeth, meaning that you can smile with confidence again without the need of wearing a denture. Dental implants are a great way of replacing one or more missing teeth. They are strong, permanent, and look and feel completely natural.

Dental implants are a modern treatment for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are fitted to the bone where the tooth root would usually be.

This provides a strong foundation for new permanent or removable teeth or dentures. When fitted with a professional practitioner, dental implants are indistinguishable from other teeth.


Why Consider Dental Implants?

Do you have missing teeth? It’s important that you replace them, as tooth loss can result in jaw bone degeneration due to lack of stimulation. When teeth are missing, neighbouring teeth can tend to tip or shift towards the empty space. This leads to misalignment of teeth and loosening of other teeth.

Over time, this can lead to speech defects, jaw joint problems, and lower self-esteem. Dental implants resolve those issues

Dental implants are replacement teeth that look and function just like normal teeth. They are secured into the jawbone just beneath the gums, which makes them very stable.

Implants have many benefits compared to dentures — as they look very natural, help preserve jaw bone, and they allow you to eat all the foods you love. Dental implants are an excellent, long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

How do dental implants function?

Because the implant is inserted into your jawbone, they are firm and stable, and function just like a normal tooth. The procedure to get dental implants is pain-free. And the implant is biocompatible with the human body, so it’s integrated naturally.

The dentist will first insert the titanium post into your mouth. This post is allowed to integrate with the bone before the crown is applied. It takes around six to twelve weeks for the jaw bone to completely heal around the implanted metal post. At that point, you will get the crown and your implant will be complete.

Can anyone get dental implants?

To receive dental implants, you need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to hold the implant. You should also be committed to maintaining good oral hygiene and seeing to your regular dental check-ups.

Heavy smokers and people suffering from some chronic disease such as heart disease or diabetes may need further evaluation before proceeding with treatment.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are strong, durable and designed to improve your appearance. If your self-confidence has been affected by missing teeth, you will have new-found confidence. You will be able to laugh, eat, talk, smile easily — so social and business events become more enjoyable.

Unlike dentures, your implants will not shift in your mouth. Unlike a bridge, no adjacent teeth need to be filed down to accommodate the bridge.

How should I care for dental implants?

Dental implants are easy to clean, and the best solution for your oral health. Make sure to brush and floss at least twice daily and see your dentist every six months for an oral check-up. Also note that after placement, you may experience mild soreness which can be treated by over-the-counter pain medications.

Patients who get dental implants find they are a great long-term investment in their health that saves them money. With dental implants, you avoid expensive complications that can result when missing teeth are ignored.

Implants are far more comfortable than dentures — much like having a normal tooth. You’ll forget you’ve got a dental implant! You’ll only notice that life is more enjoyable when your smile and self-esteem are at their best.

If you have missing teeth, speak to your dentist about solutions that will work for you. We’ve treated many, many patients like you, and they love their dental implants.


I’d Like to Have Dental Implants, What Do I Do Next?

If you would like to replace your missing teeth and believe that dental implants may be the best solution for you, please click on the button below, then complete the form below for a free consultation.

Are you ready to feel good about your smile?

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